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Capturing the Perfect Shot: A Guide to Choosing the Best Season for Your Photoshoot

Updated: Jan 13

It can be difficult decide when to book your photoshoot for. If you're like me, you keep your photos up on your wall for a long time, so you really want to enjoy looking at them for as long as they're up. Plus, they should really match your decor too!

Below are some outlines of what it's like to have your photoshoot in the different seasons.



Spring portraits are wonderful because they are the perfect temperature and everything is fresh, bright & green! I do recommend topping up on any allergy medication before your shoot, however, just in case your allergies start to flare up during portrait time.

Spring portraits are normally an ideal time to get lots of flowers and bright blooms in your shots.



Summer portraits are amazing. There is so much daylight, and in some months the days go until 9pm. If you're looking to book a session in the Summer, you can get a break from the heat by booking a sunset shoot later at night or early in the morning.

There are tons of really fun photo activity opportunities in the summer as well, like water balloon fights and paint portraits if you want to do something different.



Fall is by far the busiest time for portrait bookings. The season is beautiful with all of the colours and the soft grasses. You can get those really beautiful bold colours or you can get lovely soft portraits in the dried grasses, and if you have any near you, the sagebrush and pickle weed is in full bloom in the fall. The temperature is perfect for layers and the kiddos don't have to stay up quite so late anymore to avoid the high sun.



Winter portraits are under-rated as far as I'm concerned, and may be the most beautiful of all of the seasons for photos. They definitely take some additional planning because of both the sunset times, and the cold!

I have tons of great ways to keep us warm during the winter sessions, so don't hesitate if this is what you'd love.

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