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In Your Home | resilience in a pandemic

Last month I started a photo project representing life in lockdown to get my business off the ground, but it turned into so much more.

Photos through people's window during pandemic

It’s interesting to start a business in 2020. I had begun building my website last year (with the intention of opening then) when my last little one went to school, but when the schools shut down and we had to homeschool, I had to put everything on pause, so I could be present for my kids.

We moved to Salmon Arm 2.5 years ago now, and although I had a successful photography business in kamloops, I waited to start it back up in Salmon Arm.

When I was finally able to get back to it when the kids went back to school, like everyone else I have had to be very creative about how to meet people in a world where we need to stay away even from those we love.

I was inspired by some photoshoots I had seen of people on their front porches during the first lockdown, and I wanted to put my own spin on it.

My goal was to tell a story about how life goes on under the lockdown. We are so resilient and no matter what is going on around us, we are still playing, we are still exercising, we are still having babies, we are still celebrating.

My goal with this project is to document for people their own 2020 story, in a beautiful way, and hopefully gain some new clients along the way, so I can keep doing what I love and make beautiful photographs for humans.

salmon arm photographer tells stories of resilience with photo project

I think what I love most about this project is that on my side of the lens, while I’m documenting resiliency in others, I am here with you, practicing resiliency.

***I saw another photographer who was donating a small amount to their local charities to help those who are struggling more during this pandemic, and I would like to do that also. I am grateful to be able to continue working and doing photoshoots under the current health orders and I want to help how I can so a portion will be going to our local shelters and charities.

If you’re interested in doing one of these photoshoots, I am available to work throughout the Okanagan and Shuswap, and Kamloops, use the contact button above!

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