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How to Prepare for Your At-Home Lifestyle Photo Session

Home Lifestyle Sessions are all about telling your story, and having something to look back on to remember the tender and beautiful moments from your life - who you are, who and what you love, YOU. The best way for you to prepare for one of these sessions is to personalize it as much as possible. This is usually very easy to do, as we will be shooting in your home, just remember that YOU are the guide, not me!

salmon arm newborn lifestyle shoot

Best Time to Schedule

Pay attention for a few days in a row to the light in your home. When the sun comes up in the morning, when it sets in the evening and the general light in the house during the daytime. What time of day does each room feel the coziest, the warmest. When are there cool shadows and light that streams through your favourite rooms?

Once you have noticed some great light in your home, you need to decide what time of day you would like to schedule your photoshoot. We can shoot in any room of your home that you would like to, and I can make any lighting work if I have to, so no stress if we have a cloudy day where the light doesn't match what you've been picturing!

salmon arm newborn lifestyle photographer


Whether you have a new baby in your home, or would just like a snapshot of a typical day in your life, make sure you include some of your favourite activities and regular routines that you would like for me to capture. And, with this in mind we will get some awesome pictures full of personality and emotion.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that in order to get these awesome photos that I know you're into, you all need to interact with one another as much as possible (of course there is also nothing cuter than a little one lost in their own adventure completely unawares that anyone is watching) ;)

Some Activity Ideas




Video Games


Board Games


Pillow Fights

Baby Routines


Imaginary Play


Pool Time

Jumping on the Bed


Playing in the Snow

Making Coffee/Morning Routine

Make Popcorn

Having a chat in a favourite spot

Bed-time or Wake-up Routines

If you are planning something that may take a while, like baking, plan that activity for the last half-hour of your photoshoot as a surprise and end on a high note for the day as a reward for positive attitudes for you little ones.

salmon arm newborn lifestyle photographer

What to Wear

I recommend wearing what you would wear at home...picked up a peg! Remember that a lifestyle session is about telling your real story, not to be published in a magazine...if your little ones like to walk around in their diaper and your favourite tube top, make sure I have an opportunity to capture that top notch moment!

It is good to do your hair, as you will probably enjoy the pictures of yourself more if you do, but if doing your daughter's hair is one of your favourite memories, make sure you leave that as an activity for when I'm there, so I have a chance to tell that story. It's always an option to have the little ones start a photoshoot in their pj's and get some pics of the getting ready routines.

My only suggestion would be to avoid neon colors and shirts with graphics.


Keep Your Schedule

If bath time, or lunch time, or bed time are part of the routine when I am there, by all means, let the schedule dictate our photoshoot! Remember, we are capturing your family's memories so anything goes! The less predictable for me the better.

salmon arm newborn lifestyle photographer

To Clean or Not to Clean

Remember that your home is kind of like the 'fifth' family member - it has a personality too! So, if part of the story you want to remember is the chaos that was your home, by all means, laissez-faire! However, if you DON'T want to remember that your house is messy, then by all means clean it! No spring-cleaning necessary- while the camera can capture piles of laundry splayed around the house, it has a much harder time catching the dust in the bottom of the toy box.

salmon arm lifestyle photographer

Preparing your Self

Make sure you do these few things before your shoot, so you and your family can bring your best selves to your shoot:

  1. get a good sleep the night before

  2. make sure there are no empty tummies

  3. Bring your A-game and best attitudes

  4. If you need to bribe your kids, I wholeheartedly support you!

salmon arm lifestyle photographer

salmon arm indoor lifestyle photographer

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