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How to Prepare for a Boudoir or Milkbath Photoshoot

Salmon Arm Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir photoshoots can feel a little nerve-racking to us regular ladies! As it gets closer, you may have more and more questions, and I always encourage you to reach out to your photographer with any questions you have, so you can ease your worries, but if you're starting here, maybe I can answer a few of them off the bat.

I'll start with a list of things you can do to prepare for your upcoming boudoir or milk bath shoot, and a bit of what you can expect followed by some FAQs about my policies and other questions you may have.

I have decided to just group these together as the preparation necessary for a boudoir shoot is the same if not similar to a milk-bath shoot.

Hopefully, you are more excited than you are nervous, and I promise, once we start shooting, any nerves you have, will subside and we will have so much fun making beautiful photographs for you!

Salmon Arm Boudoir Photographer

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How to Prepare:

  1. Shave - unless you don't want to, then don't. Be you. Seriously. Hairy legs are sexy too. That also goes for pits.

  2. Lotion, moisturize. Even though this is the second item listed, it just might be the most important one. Dry skin looks TERRIBLE in pictures!! And it's really hard for me to edit. Please, I'm begging you, hydrate your skin! Lotion for days before, and the morning of.

  3. Sleep. Seriously. I know it's hard to turn it off, especially if you're nervous, but your tired baggy eyes will be captured on film for the rest of your life if you don't just get. some. sleep! Especially you, mommas. Yeah, I see you.

  4. No alcohol. No brainer. See #2 and #3.

  5. No tan. Think Donald Trump. Even if you love him, we can all agree, orange skin is not what we're going for here. Also, too many mistakes can be made here. See #2.

  6. Shop. Yes, you heard me. If you want to shop for this, by all means! It is really not necessary to buy the store. Maybe treat yourself to a piece or two. If you're maternity, you might need a few more pieces, but often there is lots on marketplace that is very much brand new or just used once in another photoshoot. See #7.

  7. Pick out 4-5 outfits. Some suggestions that are usually winners: a bodysuit; lacy undies and bralet (don't worry busty ladies I see you, although I was not blessed with the melons, so I need no support, if you need a bit more, by all means!); a plain white tee or tank is classic sexiness; shawl or cardigan. With all of these, think texture. Cotton, lace (boom!), straps, buckles. I suggest minimal accessories, a simple necklace, or your favourite jewelry, dangly earrings tho...yes!

  8. Mani/Pedi. You should always do these. I would if I was better at self-care, but mine are usually chipped instead. So you should not have chipped nails, and don't forget your toenails! Seriously though, at the very least, they need to be clean and clipped and your skin needs to be hydrated! (See #2 above)

  9. No hair. You can have hair, in fact hair is awesome, just please don't try out a new hairstylist or hairstyle for that matter just before your shoot. Think about this. What if you hate it??? You will get to hate it every time you look at your photos instead of just how long it takes to grow it out! If you are going to get your hair done, (those pesky roots) give yourself about two weeks before your shoot, just incase you need to get something fixed. As far as how to style it, have a look at some boudoir photos online...what do you like? I like the drama we can get with hair down, but I can work with whatever is YOUR favourite!

  10. Facials or waxing. Do these too, just not less than 2 days before your shoot. I promise, red, sweaty skin has a place in the bedroom, but maybe not in your boudoir photos lovey.

  11. Tags. PLEASE take the time to cut out ALL of the tags from your clothes. yes. all. If you don't do it first, we have to do it during your shoot, and photos of you cutting tags out are boring. Well, not to me, but it might not be the look you're going for.

  12. Clothing to arrive in. PLEASE, I know you could never know this, but the creases you arrive in when you wear tight clothes, NEVER. GO AWAY. Please wear something loose and gentle on your way to your shoot. If you can bear it, no bra! Thank you. Thank you very much. From every boudoir photographer in the world. We love you.

  13. Keep it Simple! For real. How beautiful is this woman! Little makeup, simple hair. GORGEOUS. And so are you! You are so, so beautiful just the way you are. This is what this is all about. Boudoir shoots are about celebrating you. They are not about layers of makeup, the right clothes, or re-touching. They are about rebelling against our current culture of 'never enough' or 'you need our product to be whole'. Boudoir is about how amazing you ALREADY are, not how amazing you can be. TRUST ME. Also, if you want to wear makeup, you wear it! I LOVE makeup! Do you Boo!

  14. Speaking of Makeup. Many of us never learned how to apply makeup properly, also, the camera sees your skin and makeup a little bit differently than you do. Even if you are going for a "natural glow" look in your photoshoot, I highly recommend having your makeup professionally done. You will be very happy you did, trust me. This goes for hair as well. Actual 'bed head' doesn't look nearly as good as 'hairdresser' bedhead.

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  1. Do you put the images on the internet or social media? Do you want me to? Not everyone wants to. Some people love seeing their images online. I want you to be happy. Do not feel pressured to have your images shared. Not by me, your friends, or your lover. If you do want me to, we'll sign something. If you change your mind once they're out there. Well, this is the internet. There's only so much I can do. I can remove it from anywhere I've shared, but I have no control over the internet.

  2. Do I need to get my hair and makeup done, if so, how should I do it? How do you want to do it? I tend to like boudoir pretty raw. Bedhead comes to mind. For a lot of women though, a boudoir shoot is about the whole pampering experience, and if you want to be GLAM, by all means! If we're doing a milk bath, please remember how water affects hair. Once it's wet, it's done obviously. The way the milk-bath works is we slowly progress to wet hair. We start at the edge of the tub, and work our way in slowly to get the most images with dry hair and clean makeup. Sometimes we end a boudoir shoot in shower too. Also, some women want to go get their partner revved up after their shoot is over so they don't want to wreck their hair....I'll leave that to you ;) At the moment, I am not providing in-house hair and makeup, so please contact me for my favourite recommendations.

  3. Do I need to bring my own lingerie? Yes! Please bring whatever you want to try in your shoot. Some items will work, some won't. I guarantee, if it's too small, and it creates a muffin-top, or squeezes all of your breath out, it is going in the pile of 'this doesn't work'.

  4. How many outfits can we use? We can use as many as we have time for. Typically 3-5 outfits are sufficient, so bring 5-7 outfits. We will start with your least favourite, so that you are wearing your most favourite once you are warmed up!

  5. How long is the shoot? We schedule 2 hours for your shoot. Some go faster than others. Most take the whole time. You will be wholly surprised how quickly it goes...and how tired you're going to be when you're done.

  6. How do I print my images? GREAT question! With a printer silly! JK. JK. When you get your online gallery, you will be able to download your fully edited, high resolution, digital files and print them wherever you want. If you're looking for a budget-friendly but consistently quality printer, I go with London Drugs every day. If you want a bit higher quality with some extra options (think delicious, soft, art paper, matte paper, glossy acrylic, beautiful canvases and gorgeous lay-flat albums), I recommend ordering your prints directly from your gallery link. You'll see... and then you'll know.

  7. Can I bring my significant other? That makes me nervous! Are they going to be watching me work the whole time? I'm not sure I can do a good job under these circumstances. Oh wait, you mean, you want them in your shoot with you. YES, YES, YES!! I love couples shoots. Please feel free to bring someone to share in this experience with you, we'll get some of you both, by yourselves, and some of you together. Otherwise, if you're looking for moral support, I'm not sure you're going to get it with an audience. It'll probably make you as nervous as it will make me! I'll leave it up to you. Please don't bring your mom. Or your child.

  8. How will I know how to pose? You probably won't. I will help you with that though. I PROMISE. It's a lot less like posing and a lot more like "please face toward the window and slowly drag your bra strap down your shoulder while looking down. Okay, now turn a bit toward me. GORGEOUS! SO SEXY! OH MY GOD, HOW ARE YOU NOT A MODEL??!!" I love you before you see me, believe me. You're amazing.

  9. Will you re-touch the images? Yes. But not much. I am not here to make you into someone else, I am here to show you how amazing you already are. Plus I really like flaws. Not Joking. That's the goods! I'll smooth your skin, but I'm not making it look like Saran Wrap. Nope. I won't do it. If you have dimples in your legs, you're probably going to have them after your photoshoot too. The last thing I want is for you to look at your pictures when you're done and think "gosh, I sure wish I looked like her". No. No. NO! I want you to think, yup, still good enough!! Still not perfect. Still. fucking amazing!! I already love you.

  10. Where is the photoshoot going to be? Where do you want it to be? I am an "on-location" photographer. Know a good place outside to get naked? Let's go there! Want to shoot in your clean/messy home? Let's go there! I have an amazing space to shoot in if you don't. Plus, I'm a professional photographer, my actual job is to make things look better than they do in real life! Also, do you know a place with concrete, bricks, water, wood? *drool*

  11. How do I book? Scroll up. Click "contact". Fill out form. See you Soon! Love Ya!

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