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Business Photoshoot | new & used clothing designs, Simple Clothing Company

Salmon Arm Business Photographer woman in black dress with wine bottle

All artist have favorite moments in their creative journeys. For me, this photoshoot was it. I have a friend I went to school with who was changing the trajectory of her life and chasing her long-standing dream of clothing design.

When I saw what she was creating, I knew I could help her bring her vision to life through my photography. I offered my services and a few of her friends reached out to help with modelling services, and together, we connected and our creativity flowed to create this photoshoot.

This was a turning point for me in my photographic journey.

To be able to help another creative goal-seeker to make their vision a reality was a dream.

If you or someone you know could benefit from professional photos that will bring your vision to life, and raise your brand to the next level, contact me for a consultation and let's get our creative flow moving together.

Woman in black dress behind fence Salmon Arm Business Photographer

woman in black dress with red shoes Salmon Arm Branding Photographer


woman with heart sunglasses and bandana Salmon Arm Photographer

woman sitting on side of road Salmon Arm Branding Photographer


woman on peach couch with fur coat and dog Salmon Arm Photographer


woman in front of window with lace cape Salmon Arm Branding Photographer


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Thanks for coming by,

xo Abigail: ART - Salmon Arm Business and Branding Photographer

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