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Back To Work

Blond girl in a golden dress with her chestnut horse
Salmon Arm photographer

When we originally decided to move to Salmon Arm, I had planned to get my business going here straight away but shortly after we got here, I realized that I only had 1 final year left with any of my kids at home. So, I made the obvious choice to spend my last year with my baby....

I am so glad I decided to stay home, and I was definitely ready to get back to my work once he started school. I started getting my website built and I also planned to complete my psych degree along the way, with the end goal being counselling.

It turned out that the universe wasn't quite ready for me to get my groove on yet though, as Covid kicked the chicks back to the nest for a few months in my first year of freedom. So, I put the career back on hold one more time and dug deep to get my teaching on.

We had a pretty great time homeschooling, and it was pretty fun to have them all home for one last little stint. I embraced it as much as possible, we did our best, we enjoyed our summer, and now, they are BACK TO SCHOOL!

So here we are, last week I started my first courses, and got back to my website building. I've got it almost complete and ready to share with all of you gorgeous people again. Best of all though, I did my first photoshoot in over two years.

Does it ever feel great to be back in the game.

Here's the photos from this fun shoot. I think I've said it before, shoots with little girls and horses are pretty easy to love.

I am excited to be back, and I really want to say thank you for the emails and phone calls from all of my loyal clients who have waited patiently to return. I am looking so forward to making great photos with you once again.

xo Abigail

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