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5 Ways to Stay Warm During Your Winter Family Photoshoot

Winter photoshoots are so beautiful. Families laid out against beautiful, clean white backdrops. With a little bit of pre-planning, winter shoots usually go really smoothly.

Some of my clients are concerned that their little ones are going to be cold, but they don't want to have to necessarily have everyone in parkas.

Following is a list of 5 ways to keep you warm during your winter photoshoot:

1. Layer underneath your clothes

Make sure everyone is wearing leggings or tights underneath their clothes to stay toastie and warm. T-shirts and thermals go a long way to keeping you warm, and the fabrics these days are usually quite thin, so you can't tell you have layers on under your clothes.

2. Keep the car running

When I do winter photoshoots, I try to be as efficient as possible, and I always go in with the shoot planned out pretty well to keep things moving smoothly. As you can see below, there are sets of photos with just one child at a time, and I always take these opportunities to get the other kiddos into the car for a warm-up while they wait for their turn.

3. Bring warmie packs

You can buy these at just about any sporting goods store, but I like to stock up at Costco at the beginning of winter. I usually keep a handful of these in my car as well, just in case I forget to pack them. You can put them in your pockets to stay warm in-between sets.

4. Take lots of breaks

Because Express photoshoots are already short at 30 minutes, we don't take any breaks during these shoots, but the Soul-Fire Sessions can feel really long if everyone is cold. Usually we begin those shoots, getting all of the posed photos, take a warm-up, then move on to some fun winter activities to get some really amazing photos of your family making memories together in the snow. We stop as soon as anyone has cold fingers-it's hard to press a shutter with a frozen trigger finger!

5. Bring hot chocolate

We take breaks whenever the kids need to warm up during winter photoshoots, and the breaks are a great time to pour some hot-chocolate for a special treat. These can sometimes turn into a great photo op themselves during Soul-Fire Sessions, which last a lot longer than the Express Photoshoot.

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