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3 Tips to Schedule Your Perfect Photoshoot

Updated: Jan 13

It can be hard to decide when to schedule your photoshoot, but if you keep reading you might find some great tips to help you choose.



You're going to get very different photographs depending on which season you choose to schedule your shoot! My best advice is just to look at the photos you love the most, and what works best for you and your family. While the in-between seasons have nice, mild temperatures and earlier sunsets, there is a bit more schooling flexibility for most families in the summer, and winter photographs can be super fun and unique!

Salmon Arm Photographer mother with son and daughter



As far as planning the location, we will speak more about this later, but certainly feel free to suggest any locations that have special meaning for your family, or that you find beautiful. Locations are ever changing with the seasons, and I will give you my best advice on specific locations during the time we are shooting. I have photographed in many locations in Kamloops, and am growing my location list in Salmon Arm, and I have a few favourites to recommend. You can definitely ask about any of the locations you see in my photos, and I also look for new locations regularly. Also...indoor lifestyle sessions are always a good time!

Salmon Arm Photographer three boys running through field


Time of Day

In order to take advantage of the best light of the day to get you the most beautiful photographs, I recommend scheduling your photoshoot to begin photographing about an hour before the sun sets, but if you have little ones, sometimes you just have to work with their best schedule. If your shoot is in the morning, we will need to begin before the sun gets too high, which in the summer means by 8 am lagtest. But seriously, we can shoot anytime you like! Let me know what works best for your family.

Salmon Arm Photographer indoor photoshoot newborn and mom


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