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11 Items to Bring to Your Photoshoot | don't forget the chapstick!

Salmon Arm Family Photographer bag on the beach with shoes

Often I will end up carrying my client's things for them for at least part of their photoshoot, so you'll need to keep all of your supplies in a single backpack. Please bring only what you need to have during the photoshoot. If you are planning a change of clothes during your session, we will leave them in the car, so don't get wrinkled.

Following are a few things that seem to come in super handy at most shoots (especially with little ones):

A change of clothes

Clean shoes


Tidy snacks

A water bottle

A special item for your child if they have one

A blanket

Chapstick (this is a must!! Dry lips are not a great look in photos)


Safety pins

Extra diapers

Again, I can't stress enough to remember chap stick!


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